Ibo (Igbo) Language: one of the more prominent languages in modern-day Nigeria

Ibo Language Today

Early History of Ibo Language
As shown above in the map, the Ibo (Igbo) language is primarily spoken in Nigeria and other areas surrounding it. It is the native tongue for the people of Southeastern Nigeria - Ibo people. Research has shown that the Ibo ancestors had even developed tools for artistic use and had evolved into a society by the 9th century. The society was based on the rule of the common citizens rather than a King as shown in "Things Fall Apart".
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Ibo Language in Nigeria Today
Around 20 million people speak Ibo in Nigeria as it is one of the most prominent languages. The Ibo people are one of the three major ethnic groups found in Nigera out of around 250 other ethnic groups that are found. The different groups are differentiated by territorial marks and have there own ties and traditions which make them unique to there own.
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How the Ibo written language was developed

When the Ibo people first started communicating, they would use pictures in order to portray what they were saying which was developed by the Ekoi people. The method of using pictures eventually faded out, and they began to use the alphabet of the Latin language which was introduced during British colonialism. (As shown above)

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Ibo Language and Dialects

The Ibo people themselves are divided into different cultural groups. Each group has there own unique dialect of the Ibo Language. Since there were so many different groups, it was difficult to have a set basic standardization of the language.

Different groups consisted of:

  • Northern - Ontisha
  • Northeastern - Abakaliki
  • Western - Ika
  • Eastern - Cross River
  • Southern - Owerri
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